Ancient Snow Shan Stuffed Lotus Tea Bach Diep


Ancient snow shan Tea stuffed with Bach Diep West lake’s lotus is made according to the traditional marinade recipes of the people who live around Tay Ho district in Hanoi and combined with advanced freeze-drying technology to help preserve the maximum flavors and quality of the product. New cold-drying technology that we use helps our customers to experience the product even after the Bach Diep lotus season ends. This is a limited quantity product processed following the strictest standards from tea selection to preserve and guarantee the integrity of the product properties.



“Ancient snow shan tea is put inside a lotus flower when it has just opened. The tea packed in the flower will absorb its scent.
Tasting lotus tea freshly taken from buds by stunning ‘hundred-petal’ flowers is surely an unforgettable memory for anyone, just like the scene when you immerse yourself in front of a lotus lake”

Ancient snow shan tea, which are tea buds picked from ancient tea trees from a few meters high to more than ten meters tall, live in the high mountains of the Northwest with an altitude of 1500m - 2500m above sea level.

‘Bach diep’ lotuses (literally hundred-petal lotuses) are a rare species found mostly in Hanoi. They are renowned for the beautiful look with many petal layers as well as its use of flavouring tea. Enjoying lotus scented tea in a tranquil summer morning is an elegant habit of many Hanoians.


Ingredients: Bach Diep lotus - An ancient lotus variety is well-selected and harvested directly in Tay Ho - Hanoi according to the season and harvest. The West lake’s Bach Diep Lotus buds and snow shan tea are freeze-dried with Korean technology standards. Our products are 100% natural.

In addition to that, ancient snow shan tea stuffed with Bach Diep lotus is sorted and processed according to the traditional recipes of the people in Tay Ho village. Moon Light Garden's modern freeze-drying technology helps preserve the fragrances and taste of premium tea marinated lotus in a special way. This method keeps all the fragrance from lotus and tea stay fresh and permeate for a long time.


Instruction: Open the product. Add 2 tbsp dried tea to a cup of hot water. Let your infusion steep for 5-10 minutes. Keep in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.

When brewed improperly, the tea leaves can be very stale or tasteless. When blending lotus tea, pay attention to the water temperature to lower 85-90 degrees, not the hot boiling water. By this way the scent will not be too strong or causes an uncomfortable feeling when drinking. However, if the tea is still a bit cold, you should use the well-boiled water to make it just right.


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